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These are all real letters. We have hundreds, but they all say the same thing. Here are a few of them. Please send your own comments after you try our product.

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Dear Knotstick:
    I need a new line for my knotstick- the old one has just about deteriorated. Tell me how much including postage, and I will send you the money.
    By the way, on a voyage from England to Texas via the Canaries, Caribbean,  Bahamas and Florida, the Knotstick was the only speed indicator I had on my 35' sloop. It was all that I needed. 
Thanks-    B.K.

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    There we were off of Cabo San Lucas (Mex. Pacific) in our Hunter 34' heading for the Panama Canal. 12 hrs out we got caught by a fierce norther, 50kts., seas 25', ( Two Maydays by others)had the  storm jib only running with the flow. 10 hrs later a very large rogue wave pooped us followed by a violent broach down to the bottom of the wave. -Mast in the water-cockpit completely full-all lee clothes torn out-dodger blown out-sat. nav. held under water long enough to fill with saltwater rendering it useless- Cockpit pod instruments held under taking them out also. Seas to rough for the sextant so how do you dead reckon properly? Why of course you pull out your knotstick which we carry for just this situation.
    The knotstick provided us with a reliable means of speed for the next 4500 nautical miles of coastal cruising through the canal all the way to St. Pete Florida. But alas it blew its guts out upon getting us safely back to the land of Cheeseburgers and good Margaritas.
    Could you fix her? She has a soft spot in our hearts after saving our butts. All the story is in our log book,    Thanks-   R.F. and J.J.

(Note: We did fix JJ's knotstick. Sorry about that gut blow out.It was a defect.  )   
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Dear Friends:
     Here is a check for a new drag unit for my knotstick. I assume this includes the elastic line as well.
    I thought you might be interested in the following story. I bought my first knotstick in May 1982 to use on my Seafarer that I had purchased a month earlier. On October 17,1983 I gave this same knotstick to Tristan Jones who left on that same day from Shelter Island in San Diego Bay, California for a sailing trip around the world aboard "Outward Leg" .
    In his book called "Outward Leg" he mentions that a kind sole in San Diego gave him a knotmeter- and says that he used it from California to the Gulf of Panama. I am sure he is referring to the knotstick that I gave him. His electronic log quit quite soon after he started out. The reference starts on the second line of page 87. In case you are unfamiliar with his name, he has written quite a few books about different voyages that he has undertaken.
    Shortly after this I purchased a new Knotstick which I still have at the present time. Thanks for a simple and reliable tool.  So Long- N.M.

(note: When we received this letter N.M.'s second Knotstick had been in use for 6 years. Thanks for the letter N.M. )

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Here is a quotation from the book Handbook of Trailer Sailing by Robert F. Burgess   (page 187-188)
"The conventional sailboat knotmeters are best but, besides being expensive, they require through-hull mounting. For trailer sailors who want to bypass all that but still would like a reliable speedometer, I suggest you check out the Knotstick. It is a calibrated plastic tube with one moving part and an elasticized line that pulls a weighted disk astern. For a long time I doubted this device would be any more practical than the dipsticks I had been using, but once I tried it, I became a believer. Knotstick not only works, but is a highly accurate indicator of boat speed. Several scales and disks make it adaptable to a wide range of sailboats."

(Robert- Thanks for mentioning knotstick in your book. This is a fatastic book for new sailors interested in trailerable sailboats and trailer cruising !   This is the   ISBN 0-87742-343-1 )

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"Since last Christmas, I have been the proud possessor of your Knotstick. I think it is a simple fool proof design and it is quite accurate. A great device; congratulations."
                                        J.E.B.   Naval Architect

"We love your Knotstick and would like to order another drag unit to take with us on our trip to Mexico."  

"I purchased a Knotstick from you at the Fort Lauderdale show and found it most satisfactory and true to speed made good."

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"Recently, I purchased a Knotstick for use on our O'Day 25. Your advertising claims are absolutely correct and we have become more conscious of sail settings and finite trim. It's great to know how fast we are going."

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